Founded in 2006, Custom Fundraising Solutions has raised millions of dollars for schools, civic organizations, and charities across the United States through pioneering projects like its successful mattress fundraisers. Possessing a presence in over 35 states, it has aided more than 1,200 entities since its creation. Inspiring action within the community, Custom Fundraising Solutions operates under Zig Zigler’s philosophy that helping others leads to the achievement of one’s own dreams.

A leader in public mobilization and involvement, Custom Fundraising Solutions galvanizes the entire community in enhancing its schools’ teams and clubs. Encouraging student participation as well, it enables pupils to film their own commercials for air on local television. Unlike other firms, it uses Consumers Digest “Best Buy” products to earn money. Moreover, it contributes display products for free to organizations, sells the goods, and does not require teams or other groups to buy the items for resale. As a result of its connection with vendors, the company saves customers money by providing them with top-quality items at reduced prices.

Constantly innovative, the fundraising group has garnered attention for a number of its endeavors. One of its most notable programs is the mattress fundraiser. Schools in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, California, Kentucky, Texas, Massachusetts, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Illinois, Alabama, Utah, Oregon, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Virginia, S. Dakota, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Colorado, Maine, and Indiana have partnered with the organization to conduct successful mattress fundraisers. Its myriad of projects acquire between $3,000 and $6,000 on average, while some schools obtain up to $14,000 in a single day.

Relationships formed with Custom Fundraising Solutions continue over time, as hundreds of groups have remained with the company for more than four years and annually select it to help them conduct fundraising endeavors like the mattress fundraiser. To learn how to engage the firm’s services in setting up a mattress fundraiser or other event, log onto


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